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One year ago, “PPE” was little more than a vaguely understood acronym for the typical person. These days, however, we all know at least something about “personal protective equipment.” From N95 masks to nitrile gloves, everyday consumers have been buying medical-grade gear on the same shopping lists that contain all of life’s ordinary items, from toilet paper to dish soap.

Washington-based Empire Managed Solutions is helping to get PPE into the hands of everyday consumers, as well as large organizations, including States, Health Departments, and Sheriff Departments throughout the country. The company is a two-time 20-year U.S General Services Administration (GSA) contract holder and serves numerous government agencies.

“We got into the PPE world through military contracts, who contacted us early on in COVID,” explains Sarah Jimenez, Director of Sales at Empire Managed Solutions. “Now, we’re serving individual consumers, as well as wholesale clients, businesses, schools, and government agencies.”

Personalized Sourcing & Consulting

Retailers, businesses, or other organizations that require high-quality PPE products (branded/customized or stock) can work with Empire Managed Solutions to secure reliable products from overseas manufacturers with the capacity to quickly deliver products to the United States. With ongoing testing, including third-party testing, Empire Managed Solutions is able to ensure high standards of quality production are met at all times.

Empire Managed Solutions also offers consultative services to organizations looking to safely return students or employees to in-person classes or the office. “We can outfit the entire office with masks, hand sanitizer, and the PPE solutions that are right for their unique needs. Empire Managed Solutions helps decision-makers responsibly evaluate and respond to duty-of-care standards,” says Jimenez.

Why Empire Managed Solutions?

“We’re very transparent, and we’re here for the long haul,” explains Jimenez. “Our job is to educate clients on how to stay safe. Customers know they can trust us. Whether you need to order one mask or one million boxes of gloves for the upcoming school year, Empire Managed Solutions can help. Serving Those Who Serve Us!”

For more information, visit https://www.empireppe.com/ or call 1-888-305-7101.

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