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One year ago, “PPE” was little more than a vaguely understood acronym for the typical person. These days, however, we all know at least something about “personal protective equipment.” From N95 masks to nitrile gloves, everyday consumers have been buying medical-grade gear on the same shopping lists that contain all of life’s ordinary items, from toilet paper to dish soap.

Sourcing Nitrile Gloves During a Shortage

Toilet paper. Hand sanitizer. Canned goods. N95 masks. Disposable gloves. The joys of supply shortages during a global pandemic. While it makes sense that some of these items were in short supply, others – like toilet paper? Not so much. And if a global pandemic wasn’t bad enough, let’s lock up a major shipping channel for a week. Some things you can get by without. But when you need disposable nitrile gloves, it’s usually a non-negotiable. So, what can you do?