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About Empire


Empire Managed Solutions is a top provider of PPE/Medical supplies to many industries. We started this company as a way to provide low cost, high quality products to companies, households and businesses across the United States.

Our team is committed to building lasting relationships based on our guiding principles. We develop our products by fostering a culture of excellence, flexibility, transparency and innovation. We have a proven and successful past performance with many Federal, State & Local Government Agencies, Department of Veteran Affairs, First Responder support, Emergency Management Response Teams, Schools, Police/Correction Facilities, etc.

We recognize the importance of ensuring the products you order meet quality and safety guidelines. Our factories are established medical device manufacturers and have been producing PPE well before the COVID-19 Pandemic.

For business owners we are here to keep your staff protected and your teams working. If you need large quantity items we have a full team ready to source bulk size items across the world for you. We have the ability to brand your own products. Please reach out so we can help.

Small or large Empire Managed Solutions has a solution for you.

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