Reviews | Empire PPE


    Michelle B

Working with the sales management team, specifically Jon and Sarah, was such a pleasure. I found them very detailed and careful with my order and most of all timely. Kind reminders are an exception and they have established a high bar for their email etiquette. I would highly recommend Empire Managed Solutions to any organization.

    Jake S

This is our second purchase as an organization from Empire Managed Solutions. Prices of nitrile gloves have risen at astronomical rates in the last few years and quality control has suffered. These gloves meet our criteria for durability and are competitively priced when compared to other large scale vendors. While others struggle to maintain stock and keep increasing prices to stay competitive Empire has managed to keep costs at bay and provide a consistent, available product. This is no minor feat! What I've enjoyed most is the service we've received from Empire's Customer Service department. They are genuinely good at returning calls and emails and at collaborating with customers to create solutions. Lastly, shipping to Alaska is costly and most vendors do not honor "free shipping" terms to Alaska. Empire has extended that courtesy to us and have won a repeat customer over as a result. Thank you, Empire Managed Solutions!

Dean L 

EMS sent me a cold email saying they had nitrile gloves in stock at a time when out-of-stock was the usual. I bit, looked up the company, and they seemed legit. So I ordered. Better than legit! They beat my local vendors price, AND actually had stock. The order came to us in days. My parks crew says they even have less breakage than the last gloves we bought. The customer service is outstanding! Very attentive. Will definitely buy from them again!


Excellent customer service, quality products, very efficient!

Laurel V

Our experience with Empire Managed Solutions was terrific! Our order was handled efficiently and professionally and was delivered on time and as promised. The quality of the N95 face masks was second to none and they have served us very well. I highly recommend procuring all of your PPE from this company!