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Cleaning up Misconceptions about Disposable Gloves

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In the early days of the pandemic, a big deal was made about wearing disposable gloves everywhere outside of the your home.  And as the pandemic is on the decline, many people believe gloves are no longer necessary for any circumstance outside of an ER, or cleaning up after a sick patient.  (Not quite true.)
So what is true about disposable gloves?

Glad you asked.  

Lets' clear up a few misconceptions...

Misconception 1: Wearing Gloves All the Time Protects Everyone

Habits are hard to break. And if you quickly got in the habit of wearing disposable gloves to protect yourself and others during the pandemic, it may seem to make good sense to continue wearing them. But did you know if you touch common surfaces while wearing gloves that other people are likely to touch without gloves, you’re actually putting them at more risk?

Practice good hand hygiene, including washing before and after you touch common surfaces. Leave the gloves off or you could be transferring more of the things you’re trying to avoid to those around you. Common surfaces include:

  • Elevator buttons
  • Door knobs or handles
  • Public computers
  • ATMs
  • Self check-out registers
  • Landline phones, such as in an office environment

Misconception 2: Only Hospital Workers Need Disposable Gloves

It’s easy to understand why doctors, nurses and janitorial staff in a hospital environment need gloves. But there are so many other industries and situations in which disposable gloves are a great choice to protect the wearer and the person or people with whom they are interacting.

    • Food Handlers (food trucks, cafeterias, butchers, meat packers and more)
    • Medical staff in a clinical setting
    • Dentistry
    • Veterinarians
    • Cosmetology
    • Hair colorists

    Misconception 3: Gloves Are Enough

    You wore gloves so you don’t need to wash your hands, right? False! It’s important to wash your hands every time you wear them. It’s also important to change them often. One pair isn’t sufficient to wash and continue using, or take off and use again. Even the way you put on and take off gloves can make your hands contaminated. Protect yourself and those around you by practicing good glove usage and handwashing.

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